A unique setting,

for a medieval atmosphere

Film shooting / Photo shooting

Kerouzéré is a grand granite château located just 1km off the picturesque coasts of Finistère. With its big round towers, this fortress was undeniably built to impress. Inside, its magnificent monumental spiral staircase leads to an incredibly light oak frame supporting the thick Monts d’Arrée slate roof.

The château lies in a 20-acres park that also features a dovecote, a fountain and a 19th-century covered washhouse. The raw decor already exists, and the rest is entirely up to you.

trait dore-4x

They’ve already filmed at Château de Kerouzéré

Trait or moitie
  • Jane Fonda in Roger Vadim ‘s Histoires extraordinaires (1968)
  • Philippe Noiret in Que la fête commence by Bertrand Tavernier (1975)
  • Audrey Fleurot and Frédéric Diefenthal in the TV movie Chateaubriand by Pierre Aknine (2010)